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TOPATEC Washing technology, cleaning units

MD-Pumping technology
New dimension with the cleaning technology by pumping technology MD of TOPATEC

By the new central force pump washing technology (MD technology) can be washed in the future with a lot of washing areas essentially more efficiently, than up to now with high pressure cleaning devices.

The new MD linen makes possible an essentially faster cleaning particularly of very dirtied construction units (for example, chassis, unterbottoms of construction vehicles and trucks as well as divisor arrangements, for example, with the production of steel products, machine-building industry parts etc.).

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Besides, the proved central force pump technology is not susceptible largely against raised mud interests in the processed washing water. Besides, the central force pump technology also puts low demands for the quality of the washing water concerning the dirt particle size.

With the cleaning by the new MD technology the washing water is precleaned in the cycle enterprise first about a Oelseparator plant (i.e. mud sedimentation and return attitude free Oel in the washing water) and afterwards in a warehouse tank / model tank interstored. The MD pump takes the processed washing water from the model tank. Only a low part of the washing water is replaced in the By passport delivery in the channel with rainwater or city water to avoid rising salt concentration in the washing water.

The frequency-steered engine speed guarantees continuously the wished hydraulic performance (quantity of water and water pressure) on the washing place. The cleaning process can take place customized about firmly installed cleaning nozzles or manually about an adjustable washing lance on the washing place.

MD-pump for fast cleaning
Technical data
  • Central force pump to the high speed cleaning action on galvanized steel tube frame completely with rubber buffer premounts
  • Incl. security pressure control valve
  • Incl. pressure water balance connection 3/4" (pressure water feedbacks)
masses: 950 x 500 x 450 m
hydraulic performance: 20 - 560 l/min
max. water pressure: 15 - 50 bar
electrical power: 2.0 - 15 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz