Planning and development services provided by TOPATEC Wasser- und Abwassertechnik

Selection from the list of projects:

Wastewater treatment:
Physical process for separating iron and copper particles from the wastewater stream. Particle size 2 μm.

Wastewater processing:
Biological-physical water processing for treatment and recovery of rinse water. Up to 98% of contaminants can be eliminated in 3 hours.

Composting seepage water treatment:
Biological-physical seepage water treatment to reduce COD and BOD5 loads for being fed into receiving water.

Aerobic and anaerobic treatment of liquid media:
Biological aerobic and anaerobic treatment of highly contaminated liquids by means of thermal disinfection.

Surface water treatment:
Biological-physical treatment of surface water, capable of achieving bathing water quality. Selected processes with 4.000 m3 sand filtration / ozone treatment and UV treatment.

Cooling lubricant treatment:
Innovative biological-physical process for the treatment of cooling lubricants. Extension of service life to minimise costs.

Aeration of lakes and fish ponds:
Innovative equipment for aerating lakes and fish ponds and improving circulation. New aeration process using solar collectors.

Groundwater remediation:
Treatment process for cleaning up property contaminated by oil (petrol stations, car repair shops).